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Professional inkjet solutions

    "Iíve just installed your Marrutt refillable cartridge system in my Epson R3000 printer, and Iím very pleased indeed with both the ease of installation and quality of my prints."

    Mary Bernard, Kentucky

High-End Colour and Black & White Photo Inkjet Printing


5 step Guide to High-End Colour and Black & White Photo Inkjet Printing
for 2018¬† “This is a brief five - step video course which the busy pro photographer, studio, or photo lab will find useful, but it is also a ‘How-To’ guide which an enthusiast or newcomer to photo inkjet printing can follow.

Step 1 - Equipment Basics (2 videos)
Step 2 - Materials for high-end Photo Inkjet (2 videos)
Step 3 - High-end Colour Photo Inkjet Printing (4 videos)
Step 4 - High-end Black & White Photo Inkjet Printing (4 videos)
Step 5 - Controlling Quality in Colour and Black & White (3 videos)


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