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Professional inkjet solutions

    "I work mainly in wedding and portrait photography - apart from the obvious advantages of cost savings and convenience we have been delighted with the quality of our Refillable Cartridge System."

    Marysia Higgins, PP Photography

High-End Colour and Black & White Photo Inkjet Printing


5 step Guide to High-End Colour and Black & White Photo Inkjet Printing
for 2018  “This is a brief five - step video course which the busy pro photographer, studio, or photo lab will find useful, but it is also a ‘How-To’ guide which an enthusiast or newcomer to photo inkjet printing can follow.

Step 1 - Equipment Basics (2 videos)
Step 2 - Materials for high-end Photo Inkjet (2 videos)
Step 3 - High-end Colour Photo Inkjet Printing (4 videos)
Step 4 - High-end Black & White Photo Inkjet Printing (4 videos)
Step 5 - Controlling Quality in Colour and Black & White (3 videos)


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