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Professional inkjet solutions

    "I work mainly in wedding and portrait photography - apart from the obvious advantages of cost savings and convenience we have been delighted with the quality of our Refillable Cartridge System."

    Marysia Higgins, PP Photography

MarruttUSA's Inkjet Printing Masterclass

Welcome to our two part presentation on the topic of Photographic Inkjet Printing in color and black and white. This is a shortened and precise version of our free onling training courses - "Inkjet Printing MasterClass". You can view these courses in full by selecting "Inkjet Prinitng Masterclass" on the left menu. The 2 videos below will take you through the current best practice in professional photographic colour and monochrome printing. Topics include - Color Management, Color Printing Essentials, Black and White Printing Esssentials and many more useful tips and tricks which will help you achieve professional standard prints.

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  • 00.00 - 03.00 Introduction
  • 03.00 Printing Basics Overview
  • 06.00 The six important elements for great printing:
    1. Choosing & taking care of your printer
    2. Ink essentials
    3. Inkjet Paper essentials
    4. Color Management + Process Control
    5. Color printing essentials
    6. Black & White printing essentials
  • 08.00 Getting to know the audience - Show of hands etc
  • 12.00 Monitor Image vs Printed Image
  • 16.00 Erosion of photo image quality - what to watch out for
  • 18.30 Choosing & looking after your printer
  • 30.30 Inkjet ink basics - brand inks - professional photo inks - Compatible inks
  • 53.00 Inkjet paper basics - production papers - fine art papers - how modern inkjet papers work
  • 58.00 Break for tea
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Check your Color quality

Enter your details in the box to the left for a free calibrated inkjet A4 print to check your colour and black & white accuracy - John refers to this throughout this talk

    Fill in the form for a free calibrated inkjet A4 print

Contents / jump to a topic:  

  • 00.00 Back from tea break
  • 01.00 Basic principles for colour accuracy
  • 02.30 Custom printer profiling - checking your printer accuracy
  • 04.30 Colour spaces - sRGB vs Adobe RGB 1998
  • 06.00 How much can we trust our monitor?
  • 08.30 Eyesight issues
  • 10.00 Basic guide to checking your monitor
  • 14.00 Dangers of the monitor encouraging you to over-adjust in photoshop
  • 16.00 Pure form of inkjet printing
  • 19.00 The power of test prints
  • 21.10 Density of your print - your monitor often deceives you!
  • 22.10 Sharpening issues
  • 23.40 Photoshop tools to avoid
  • 25.10 Advanced printing - feel the force!
  • 31.10 Very advanced printing - the good stuff!
  • 33.30 Colour printing questions from the audience
  • 46.00 Black & white printing issues
  • 46.50 Value of Raw processing or JPEG vs TIFF or sRGB vs Adobe RGB 1998 8 bit vs 16 bit in relation to output print quality
  • 53.00 Conclusion, ends

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