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Professional inkjet solutions

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Inkjet Cleaning Videos
Unblock and Restore your Canon iPF Printer

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Un-Blocking Your Large Format Printer
Using Magic Bullet - The printer technicians choice

If you have a blocked iPF printhead and your nozzle check is missing sections, this video will show you how to soften the dried ink that will be on the outside or inside your print head.

This cleaning technique can be used on Canon iPF printers that use the PF-01, PF-02, PF-03, PF-04 and PF-05 printer heads.


If you see banding / lines in your prints, it is likely that you will have missing sections in your nozzle check. This step by step guide demonstrates how to soften the dried ink in your printer head and flush away.

Right: a Canon iPF large format printer head.

You will need: small plastic bowl, q-tips, plastic cup, kitchen roll, Magic Bullet cleaning fluid & syringe + tube (all can be purchased below)

Print a nozzle check before attempting the technique and keep this next to your printer. You can then keep this next to your printer to gage the level of improvement.

STEP 1 - How to Lift Out The Print Head(s):
Select the cutter replacement option. This moves the printhead to allow easy access. Raise the head cover and move the two blue levers back to gain access to the print head.
Pull both or the one print heads you require out of the printer ensuring your fingers are kept clear of the electrical contacts, the ink inlet tubes and the nozzles.

Once removed, place the print head on a level surface.

STEP 2 - Soaking the Print Head:

Take the magic bullet fluid and pour into a container making this about 1/4 inch deep. Place two cotton buds / q-tips as the picture on the right and place the print head so the nozzle section is facing downwards to ensure:

1) The nozzles do not touch any of the surface of the container.
2) The nozzles are immersed in the fluid.
3) The electrical contacts do not come into contact with the fluid.

Leave the print head in the solution for at least 2 hours (overnight if you have had a blockage for over 4 weeks).

STEP 3 - Cleaning the Nozzles:

After the print head has been soaked, take this out of the fluid and use the q-tip (soaked in the fluid) to wipe the outer nozzles clear and any ink residue.
The outer nozzles are robust so you can apply a decent amount of pressure to clear away the ink. Please remember to be sure not to touch the electrical contacts

Once the nozzles have been wiped down, dab the nozzles onto a kitchen roll to clear the water away. You will no doubt see a fair amount of ink on the kitchen towel as the photo.

STEP 4 - Re-insert and See How it Went:

Take the print heads and insert back into the Canon printer and print the large format purge file that is included on the DVD supplied with the fluid. Then print a nozzle check to compare this with the original.

If you have a complete (perfect) nozzle check, you can now return to normal printing. However, if your nozzle check is still not complete, take out the print head as step 1 and proceed to step 5.

STEP 5 - Cleaning inside the Print Head:
Once the print head(s) are out of the printer, hold the print head securely ensuring that you do not touch the electrical contacts. Hold the printhead over a plastic cup.

Take the syringe provided and pull 10ml of the Magic Bullet inside. With the lever of the syringe in the "out" position, insert the syringe into a nozzle (whichever channel is not complete on your previous nozzle check), so the fluid flows through the print head and out through the bottom nozzle and into the cup.

Repeat this process as required (only for the nozzle(s) that are not achieving a perfect nozzle check).

STEP 6 - Remove Excess ink from Print Head:

With the syringe in the "in" position, insert this into a nozzle that has been cleaned as step 5. Pull out on the syringe so that the ink from inside the print head flows into the syringe.

Squirt the ink that has entered the syringe into the plastic cup. Repeat this process for the nozzles that did not achieve a perfect nozzle check.

STEP 7 - Clean up and Re-insert:
As previous, use a qua-tip soaked in the fluid to wipe the nozzles clear of ink and soak this up with kitchen towel. Reminder: Be careful to avoid contact with the electrical contacts.

Once the print head is dry and clean, re-insert into the print head(s). As before, print a complete Canon wide format purge file that is included on the DVD.

Finally, print a nozzle check to confirm you now have a perfect ink flow. Purchase the magic bullet below ...


  • As used by Printer Technicians
  • Video will teach you 7 professional cleaning techniques!
  • Also included - Purge Files for all printers and all colors!

Customer Comments:
"The product arrived in today's mail - and I used it, and my printer is now printing light magenta again!!!. I am so thrilled, you have no idea. I thought my printer was a goner for sure. Thank you so very much!"

Signed, Very Happy Customer, Deb Booth,

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Included with all Magic Bullet purchases is our "Essential Printer Maintenance Video" compatible with Mac and PCs. This video has thirteen videos with seven printer cleaning areas. The areas of printer maintenance/recovery included are:

  • 1) Print Head Cleaning/unclogging (large format and desktop printers)
  • 2) Print Head Maintenance (large format and desktop printers)
  • 3) Cleaning your Printers' Wiper Blade (large format and desktop printers)
  • 4) Cleaning your Printers' Pump Cap (desktop only)
  • 5) Cleaning your Printers' Spit Pad (large format and desktop printers)
  • 6) Cleaning your Printers' Spigots (desktop only)
  • 7) Using a Micro Drill to drill out Epson Spigots (desktop only - for severe blockages)

Click here for all 13 "Essential Printer Maintenance Videos" Complete and individual printer purge files are included allowing you to flush your printer free of the softened ink and target individual channels/colors without the need for cleaning cartridges.

The Essential Printer Maintenance videos will teach you professional techniques used by printer engineers. The videos explain and demonstrate how to use Magic Bullet to restore and maintain your Canon printer to function as new.