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Professional inkjet solutions

    "I photographed a wedding on Saturday and printed about 100 photos on Marrutt Pro Photo Gloss paper. The results are super, the happy couple are very pleased!"

    Paul, Arizona

Inkjet Print Tiling made Easy!


Turn your prints into stunning large display murals ideal for corporate exhibitions, art exhibitions and for large family portraits. The 2 free videos will show you the techniques which will enable you to display your prints in a unique and original way.


To display your prints on a wall you need a heavy paper such as Marrutt 300gsm Ultra Pearlescent Hi-White Paper. With this paper you can apply wallpaper paste onto the back of the image without any bubbling. This paper is used on both videos shown and is a professional paper which is extremely competitive in price.

Click Here to purchase Marrutt 300gsm Ultra Pearlescent Hi-White Paper

Video 1 -

1 – This Inkjet print tiling introduction video demonstrates the different ways in which you can use inkjet tiling to display your prints. This may be for exhibitions or family portraits. Inkjet tiles can be A4 and A3 in size, for this video we have used A3 paper.

2 – We recommend splitting an image into 25 tiles. Therefore we supply our packs of Marrutt Ultra Pearlescent Hi-White Paper in packs of 25.


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1 – This video shows you how to use Photoshop to create large tile displays

2 – Firstly select an image with enough pixels and then decide how may tiles you want your image to be split into (we recommend 25).

3 – To create guides for tiles select view, new guide then create 4 vertical and 4 horizontal guides of equal width.

4 – To print individual tiles select crop tool, crop top left tile first and then print. Step backwards and then repeat for all 25 tiles.

5 – Now you have 25 images which will create a stunning wall display.


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