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    I photographed a wedding on Saturday and printed about 100 photos on Marrutt Pro Photo Gloss paper. The results are super, the happy couple are very pleased!

    - Paul, Arizona

    I have to say that I have found your Marrutt paper to be superior to Epson’s, giving a much whiter base. I will be ordering some more paper soon.

    - Miles Thompson, Texas

    Just a note to let you know your Marrutt Pro Satin Paper is wonderful. I printed a test shot on it that I had previously printed on Epson Paper and quite honestly the colors were 100 times better.

    - David Smith, Las Vegas

    To the team at MarruttUSA. One word WOW! Your Pro Gloss is an outstanding paper which allows me to print sharp accurate color photography!

    - Andy Ashman, Georgia

    I used your Marrutt Pro Satin Paper for a portfolio and the results were outstanding! My client was delighted as am I!!!!

    - Brittany, Florida

    Wow - your's is fantastic paper.. what a difference to my prints!

    - Helen, California

Marrutt 280gsm Traditional Baryta Hi-White, This Baryta Paper is a close match to the traditional look and feel of darkroom papers. This is achieved by having a darkroom fibre-bases appearance which maximises color range. This paper can be used with both pigment and dye based inks. This Baryta paper has been introduced in response to the recent trend for inkjet papers to closely mimic the appearance of traditional darkroom papers. Compatible with both pigment and dye based inks.
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A brilliant white base and glossy textured finish reminiscent of traditional darkroom fibre-based papers.
100% alpha cellulose and triple-coated using the fourdrinier process, this paper combines the vibrant colour reproduction of modern gloss papers with the traditional feel of a fine art base.
This Baryta paper closely mimics the appearance of traditional darkroom papers.
Free ICC Profile and technical advice to ensure your prints are of the highest quality.
What our customers are saying:

Many thanks for the complimentary pack of papers and for your advice on the above paper. It is wonderful; I printed a test shot on it that I had previously printed on Epson Luster and quite honestly the colours were better"
Kevin Pritchard, Illinois


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Baryta paper is not available in roll format. The closest finish is the 265gsm Pro Photo Satin (single-sided):

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