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Professional inkjet solutions

    "Just a note to let you know your Marrutt Pro Satin Paper is wonderful. I printed a test shot on it that I had previously printed on Epson Paper and quite honestly the colors were 100 times better."

    David Smith, Las Vegas

Free Inkjet Paper Extras!

At MarruttUSA we don’t just sell an award winning range of inks and papers. We also provide useful tips and professional techniques which will allow you to produce stunning prints in a variety of ways. Below is a list of useful free resources which will help you use your Marrutt Pro Papers and Inks to print to a professional standard.

Greetings Cards Made Easy!

4 free videos which will teach you how to make professional greeting cards, invitations, menus etc.

They will allow you to save money and create a personal invitation to wow your friends and family with!

Click Here to Watch the Video

Inkjet Print Tiling

Learn this incredible display technique with our free videos.

This display method can really bring an exhibition to life and is ideal for large wall displays.

Click Here to Watch the Video

Paper Size Conversion Chart

Free Paper Size conversion chart.

We know how confusing paper sizes can be so we have listed all the most common sizes for you.

Click Here for the Chart

Free Printer Purge Files

We know how frustrating it is when one or more colors are blocked on your printer. So we have provided free printer purge files for your printer.

Printer purge files are areas of a solid color (or a selection of colors) that can get clear a blocked printer without having to resort to printer cleaning cycles.

Click Here for the Purge Files