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Professional inkjet solutions

    "I have to say that I have found your Marrutt paper to be superior to Epsonís, giving a much whiter base. I will be ordering some more paper soon."

    Miles Thompson, Texas

Marrutt 230gsm Archival Single Sided Matt Paper

Superlative archival fine art coating on heavy 230gsm acid-free clean white base. Low friction rear surface allows easy multi-sheet paper feeding; simply set up your fine art reproduction image, feed your paper a few sheets at a time for high-colume print runs.

The paper is slightly cheaper than the double sided and is suitable for both dye and pigment inks. Great for Greetings Cards, Giclee display prints, production colour and black & white. Try it now!

See the thumbnails on the right for larger photos showing images of Marrutt Pro Papers, a list of all available sizes and a selection of frequently asked questions.

Marrutt Archival Single Sided Matt Paper


Marrutt Professional Photographic Papers

Marrutt Archival Matt Pack/Roll Sizes

Sheets in Pack
Millimetres (w x h)
Centimetres (w x h)
150, 1000
6 x 4
152 x 101
15 x 10
6 x 8
152 x 203
15 x 20
100, 500
5 x 7
127 x 178
13 x 18
9 x 6
229 x 152
23 x 15
10 x 8
254 x 203
25 x 20
8 x 12
203 x 305
20 x 30
12 x 10
305 x 254
30 x 25
20 x 16
508 x 406
50 x 40
25, 50, 100, 500, 1000
8.5 x 11
216 x 279
21 x 28
25, 50, 100
11 x 17
279 x 432
28 x 43
25, 50
13 x 19
330 x 483
33 x 48
25, 50
17 x 22
432 x 559
43 x 56

Roll Sizes    
13" x 45 feet x 2" core 17" x 97 feet x 3" core 24" x 97 feet x 3" core
36" x 97 feet x 3" core 44" x 97 feet x 3" core 60" x 97 feet x 3" core

For purchasing details of Marrutt Single Sided Archival Matt Paper please scroll down.

We also offer a free custom cutting service with our in house guillotine. If you require a different size to our packs we will be happy to cut your paper to any size you require.

Marrutt Professional Photographic Paper: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Marrutt Professional Photographic Papers with my printer/ink?
A: Yes Marrutt Professional Photographic Papers are compatible with all Printers and Ink sets. If you are looking for an improvement to your printing quality, want to save dollars, or need a special size of inkjet paper, these are all great reasons for choosing Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkjet Papers.
Q: How do I know which Marrutt Professional Photographic Paper to buy?
A: Easy! There is only one way to properly test an inkjet paper, and that is to test print; e-mail us at with your full postal address, we will send our FREE SAMPLE MEDIA PACK which will enable you test each paper we produce.
Q:Can I buy my paper in a size not listed?
A: Yes. If you require your paper to be cut to a certain size we will happily cut your paper free of charge with our in house digital guillotine.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Marrutt Professional Photographic Papers

The choice of professionals worldwide! We offer 8 different Marrutt Pro Papers, enabling you to choose the finish which will best suit your print.
All Marrutt Pro Papers have been fully tested and approved and due to a unique coating all prints are fade resistant.
Marrutt Pro Papers are sourced from the finest Paper Mills in Germany and are compatible with all pigment and dye based inks.
Despite being a professional range of papers Marrutt Pro Papers are great value for money!


  • Perfect for greeting cards, menus and wedding invitations!
  • Compatible with dye/pigment inks
  • 230gsm/61lbs

  • FREE custom profile worth $45
  • FREE Marrutt control print with six monthly color check-ups
  • 10% discount voucher for your next order

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