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Professional inkjet solutions

    "Hi! Complete success. After the 1st 30 prints there were some lines in the VM in the nozzle check. After the next 20 - about 75% there. After a single head clean - perfect! I cannot thank you enough for your assistance - you have saved me over 300! I am more than grateful!"

    Gordon, Oregan

MarruttUSA's Inkjet Printing Masterclass

An Introduction to our Inkjet Printing Masterclasses

Course comprises 6 lessons
Lesson 1 - Choosing and taking care of your printer
Lesson 2 - Professional Photo Ink essentials
Lesson 3 - Professional Photo Inkjet Paper essentials
Lesson 4 - Color Management - Process Control

Coming Soon
Lesson 5 - Color Printing Masterclass
Lesson 6 - Black and White Printing Masterclass


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