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Professional inkjet solutions
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MarruttUSA's Inkjet Printing Masterclass

Welcome to our two part presentation on the topic of Photographic Inkjet Printing in color and black and white. This is a shortened and precise version of our free onling training courses - "Inkjet Printing MasterClass". You can view these courses in full by selecting "Inkjet Prinitng Masterclass" on the left menu. The 2 videos below will take you through the current best practice in professional photographic colour and monochrome printing. Topics include - Color Management, Color Printing Essentials, Black and White Printing Esssentials and many more useful tips and tricks which will help you achieve professional standard prints.

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  • 00.00 - 03.00 Introduction
  • 03.00 Printing Basics Overview
  • 06.00 The six important elements for great printing:
    1. Choosing & taking care of your printer
    2. Ink essentials
    3. Inkjet Paper essentials
    4. Color Management + Process Control
    5. Color printing essentials
    6. Black & White printing essentials
  • 08.00 Getting to know the audience - Show of hands etc
  • 12.00 Monitor Image vs Printed Image
  • 16.00 Erosion of photo image quality - what to watch out for
  • 18.30 Choosing & looking after your printer
  • 30.30 Inkjet ink basics - brand inks - professional photo inks - Compatible inks
  • 53.00 Inkjet paper basics - production papers - fine art papers - how modern inkjet papers work
  • 58.00 Break for tea
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  • 00.00 Back from tea break
  • 01.00 Basic principles for colour accuracy
  • 02.30 Custom printer profiling - checking your printer accuracy
  • 04.30 Colour spaces - sRGB vs Adobe RGB 1998
  • 06.00 How much can we trust our monitor?
  • 08.30 Eyesight issues
  • 10.00 Basic guide to checking your monitor
  • 14.00 Dangers of the monitor encouraging you to over-adjust in photoshop
  • 16.00 Pure form of inkjet printing
  • 19.00 The power of test prints
  • 21.10 Density of your print - your monitor often deceives you!
  • 22.10 Sharpening issues
  • 23.40 Photoshop tools to avoid
  • 25.10 Advanced printing - feel the force!
  • 31.10 Very advanced printing - the good stuff!
  • 33.30 Colour printing questions from the audience
  • 46.00 Black & white printing issues
  • 46.50 Value of Raw processing or JPEG vs TIFF or sRGB vs Adobe RGB 1998 8 bit vs 16 bit in relation to output print quality
  • 53.00 Conclusion, ends

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