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Professional inkjet solutions

    "Just dropping you a quick note to say that my experience swapping over to your Marrutt ink system for my Epson 3800 has been to say the least fantastic, from service to product to results. Top marks all round from a happy customer!!!!!"

    Chad Oliver, CO Photography

Terms and Conditions

In General, MarruttUSA have a no-quibble refund policy to cover products. Those items that are found to be unsatisfactory should be returned to us within seven days of purchase and will be refunded in full. This offer does not apply to partly-used consumables, however we operate a fair-play policy and are usually able to resolve consumable returns also. Goods returned after 30 days will be subject to a 30% handling charge.

All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) and must be returned to the UK address provided. This will be provided by us and this must be visible on the outside of the package.
Shipping can not be refunded for products that have been incorrectly ordered.
We will always replace faulty products at no cost to the customer. In this case, please contact us to verify the product is faulty and then we will issue a replacement straight away. MarruttUSA reserves the right to refuse damaged or incomplete returns, or returns where the product has been opened or viewed.

Full Terms and Conditions for the Marrutt USA Continuous (CIS / RCS) Ink Systems:

Please Ensure that you read the instructions provided before attempting to install the MarruttUSA CIS / RCS. Installing inks into the CIS / RCS will be taken as an acceptance of the terms and conditions hereunder. Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to your printer and the voiding of the CIS / RCS warranty.


As MarruttUSA bulk feeds are self installed by the user, MarruttUSA is not responsible for any damages to your printer, whether they are or are not related to the MarruttUSA Bulk ink feed system. Please contact the store or dealer where the printer was purchased, or the printer manufacturer for any problems or questions related to the printer and its operation.
If the Customer chooses to use ink in the system from a manufacturer other than MarruttUSA, and is not satisfied with that ink, or it clogs the printer or the bulk feed system, it will be the Customers responsibility to pay for the parts to repair the system and restore it to normal usage.
Marrutt Professional Photographic Inks, manufactured in the US, carry no warranty or guarantee.  No liability whatsoever offered or implied.


MarruttUSA CIS systems are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for the period of 1 year from date of system purchase. Continuous ink systems and refillable cartridges systems that are sold without inks are warranted for the period of 3 months from date of system purchase.

Returns Policy

We can only guarantee that the MarruttUSA Bulk ink system will deliver Marrutt Pro ink just as well as a normal ink cartridge. We will not accept unauthorized returns of used systems, nor can we accept returns of systems filled with an ink that the customer later decides does not meet their specific needs. You are encouraged to take all steps necessary to verify that Marrutt Pro inks will produce a satisfactory result before installing this CIS. If in doubt, ask for a print sample from your supplier. When customers return (by agreement only) part used, consumed or wasted inks, we reserve the right to credit only the volume of ink remaining. MarruttUSA do not hold themselves liable for inks used or consumed.
Replacement Parts Should a customer require replacement parts during the warranty period, these will be sent free of charge via normal mail. If a customer wishes this to be sent via express courier, the customer will be required to pay for this.

T & C's of Magic Bullet:

Note: Please ensure that you read the instructions as damage could occur if the product is used incorrectly. The magic bullet is an extremely strong cleaning solution and should only be used when all other avenues have been tried to clean the printer. This should include, but are not limited to ; auto nozzle cleans in utility function (do not do excessively as this will only lead to excess ink being dumped into your waste pads); ensuring the cartridges are in working order and changing if necessary ; printing a page of the colour affected (attempting to purge the ink) ; checking for air in cartridge/lines of bulk feed systems ; ascertaining whether there may be any electrical/mechanical issues with the printerhead. Using the product will be taken as an acceptance of the terms and conditions hereunder. Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to your printer.
The product has never been tested with current food standards and no assurances can be given whatsoever that this product is suitable in conjunction with any type of edible product.

DISCLAIMER: As the magic bullet is self administered by the user, MarruttUSA are not responsible for any damages to your printer, whether or not related to product.
Important: Magic Bullet Printhead Cleaner to be used entirely at the customer's own risk. No liability whatsoever offered or implied. If you are unsure about undertaking any technical work on your printer, you should seek the advice of a qualified technician at your own cost.