Professional inkjet solutions

    Marrutt Pro Inks arrived at the weekend. Thanks for your help that was really excellent service. My Epson R2000 CIS is up and running now and I'm finally making (cheaper!) prints.

    - David Taylor, Montana

    Many thanks for your advice re the 2880, it is reassuring to know that when you purchase materials from Marrutt USA you have an after sales service that is second to none. I have dealt with many businesses over the years but have never had customer service such as yours.

    - John, Alabama

    I would like to thank you for your excellent service in the past - I've always found MarruttUSA to be reliable in providing me with ink for my R2400 - in fact, I would go so far as to say that your an example to others.

    - Roger Walton, California

    I have been buying from you and using Marrutt inks and papers for some years now. So I think I am pretty well placed to endorse not only the exceptional quality of the Marrutt USA products, but also the fantastic product support provided by you and your staff.

    - Derek Philphott, Texas

    Just dropping you a quick note to say that my experience swapping over to your Marrutt ink system for my Epson 3800 has been to say the least fantastic, from service to product to results. Top marks all round from a happy customer!!!!!

    - Gareth Kirkland, Kirkland Photography

    This is to let you know that the new CIS unit for my Epson R3000 arrived yesterday. I installed it, printed, and it’s beautiful. Great service thank you!

    - Chad Oliver, CO Photography

    Your online service is the best I have come across. Not only do you offer a wide range of excellent products at a good price but you also provide very knowledgeable advice. Why would anyone want to buy paper and ink from anyone else!

    - Rev. Fred R. Krauss, Illinois

    Just a word of appreciation for your excellent service and great communication. I installed your Marrutt Pro CIS and I am producing some absolutely beautiful prints. 5 Star service from a 5 Star Company!

    - Dave Watson, Wisconsin

    The service from MarruttUSA has been totally and utterly brilliant. I have been using your products since March and I am one very happy customer and will have no hesitation in recommending Marrutt products to other fellow professionals.

    - Phil Stokes, Tennessee

    The new profiles have a "punch" that has been lacking for some time. Particularly noticeable in the drummers various reds on your test picture. Thank you so much for these new profiles you made for me.

    - Tim Nicholls, Optimal Photography

    I must say that I've learned a lot working with you and really appreciate your assistance. I revived my dead R2400 with all the cleanings that you taught me, and with your inks, paper and the color profile, my prints look great! Thanks so much!

    - Eric Harrison, EH Partnership

    My order arrived this morning at 9.30. Just wanted to say what great service - if you'd had the order already packed and waiting for my phone call, you could not have got it here quicker. Well done and thanks.

    - R Miracle, CA

Color Demo Image

Print to a professional standard with Marrutt Pro Inks and Paper! MarruttUSA Professional Inkjet products are aimed at those who are looking for outstanding professional printing. Our customers have come to expect a high standard of reliable excellence. We are able to achieve this by guaranteeing your prints in terms of color, density and neutrality. Scroll down to find out how we check your printer’s quality, and then provide a free custom profile enabling you to print stunning color as well as black and white prints.

Color Demo Image - check your printers quality against Marrutt Pro Inks

Custom Profiles - enable you to guarantee your printing to a professional standard

Color Demo Image

The Color Demo Image is a useful tool in allowing you to check if your printer (suitable for all inkjet printers) is accurate for color / density / neutral. Simply print the demo image and then e-mail us (contact us) with your full postal address, and we will send you a certified accurate A4 print of this test image. This will allow you to compare your print to a professional standard print and if your print does not compare favorably we will get you printing to this level with a custom profile!

Click for full size Color Demo Image

PC Users:

Click the image so the document opens up in a new window. Then, right click on the image and click "save picture as", save this in any folder or on your desktop - you can then open this up in Adobe Photoshop (or any other image editing application) for printing.

Mac Users:

Single click the image. The image will then open up in a new window (please allow a few seconds to download). Then, go to: File > Save As, in your Internet Browser. Save this to your desktop (or any folder). You can then open this image in Adobe Photoshop (or any other image editing application) for printing.

Free Custom Printer Profile:

If your print does not agree to our print in color / density / neutral, you will automatically qualify for a FREE custom printer profile. Simply buy any one of our Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkjet Papers and we will provide a FREE custom profile with your order (no matter what printer ink you use). Scroll down for more information on how to obtain your FREE custom profile.

Custom Profiles

If your Color demo image does not match the quality of the demo image you received from us then why not take advantage of our free profiling service. Marrutt Pro Inks are a very close match to the brand ink set, however if you are looking for even better prints then why not take advantage of our free custom profile service. A custom profile will match your printer/ink set/paper combination allowing you to print to an exceptional standard. Scroll down for more information on how to receive your free profile (all MarruttUSA Ink and Paper customers qualify for a free profile).

Custom Profiles - A step by step guide

1: When you order your MarruttUSA Ink set or Paper notify us that your require a free profile.

2: We send you the A4 image through email.

3: Print out the supplied A4 target print on your favored Marrutt inkjet paper according to the instructions supplied.

4: Once dry post this off in a stiff-backed envelope to address supplied.

5: Print out our Master Calibration Image using your new printer profile, to test your printer accuracy.

6: Once your printer accuracy has been confirmed, adjust your computer monitor to agree with your output print.

7: So long as you buy further stocks of MarruttUSA inkjet products you qualify for further regular 6 monthly color check-ups for free.